Conference Date: November 10 & 11, 2017

Professional Development Workshops

These consist of educational and inspiring talks, panel discussions that aim to motivate, inspire and guide students towards pursing a medical education. Additionally teachers' professional development workshops will be offered by our specialized faculty members.

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HSMC-WK001: Introduction to Process Orientated Guided Inquiry Learning activities. Target audience: Chemistry teachers.

HSMC-WK002: Preparing Biology students for the transition to University learning. Target Audience: Biology teachers.

HSMC-WK003: Mastery Learning in the Physical Sciences. Target audience: Chemistry and Physics teachers.

HSMC-WK004: Careers in Medicine. Target audience: High School and higher education career's advisors.

HSMC-WK005: Writing/Critical Reading. Target audience: English teachers.

HSMC-WK006: Cultivating Growth Mindset in Students. Target audience: High school teachers.

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