Research Competition: April 13, 2019
Conference: November 23, 2019

Research Competition

Schools are invited to participate in the research competition component of the HSMC. Each research team will include a teaching advisor from the participating school, who is preferably a Science and/or Math teacher to guide the students who will work on the research project.

Guidelines for team formation

  • No more than 5 students in each team
  • No more than 1 group per theme
  • Students can be from all high school years (Grade 10, 11 and 12/13)
  • No more than two teaching advisors from the school for each group (preferably Science and/or Math teachers)
  • Highly preferred to have at least one Qatari student in each group

Prizes and awards

  • Exciting and valuable prizes for the top 3 winning teams awarded to the students and advising teachers
  • A chance to present at the Conference
  • A chance for the schools to showcase their activities and profile during the conference exhibition
  • All participants including students, teachers and school administrators will receive a Certificate of Participation

To submit your abstract, please click here

Submission deadline: December 15, 2018.

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